NF AM 2015


Report of the NF AM 2015

We were unfortunately late arriving, but only seem to have missed Janice's welcome and the Appointment of the tellers and the adoption of the Standing Orders.

The Treasurers report was given by Julia Roberts. The subscription is still at roughly the same percentage of the annual wage as it was in 1915.  Total income last year was 36.5million (up 2%). Total expenditure was £6.8 million (up 3%). There was a planned deficit. Investments increased. Denman broke even and WI Enterprises made a profit. The next 100 years therefore starts in a secure financial position. Subs will inevitably go up, but the WI and Federation share will go up and the NF proportion will go down.

Janice then explained that she and other members of the Board would leave to welcome the Royal visitors and the baton. Whilst they left we were shown a slideshow of centenary projects.

HM the Queen, HRH The Princess Royal and HRH The Countess of Wessex then joined the Board on the stage. A rousing rendition of the National Anthem followed. Janice welcomed the Royal visitors who are all WI members.

The Baton was brought in to the Hall, announced by a fanfare, on a cushion adorned with every Federation Badge. It was received by Her Majesty, who then started a short presentation of highlights of the journey – which included Wisbech St Mary!

There then followed a link to Llanfair pg. They showed us around the Tollhouse.

The Queen awarded the Lady Denman Cup, The Princess Royal awarded the Makower Certificates and The Countess of Wessex awarded the Huxley Cup.

Jerusalem was then sung. The Queen then addressed the meeting, speaking on how the WI has been a constant through the social change that has happened throughout the last Century. They were then presented posies from 3 WI Granddaughters, all of which included the Centenary Rose "Inspiration".

The Queen and Royal guests then left to cut the Centenary cake. They were accompanied by most of the Board.

Janice then gave her address. Looking much more relaxed, she spoke of the how the role of women has changed over the last century, starting with the suffragette movement, how the WI has faced 2 World Wars and the campaigns that have made a change to society. She made reference to how it is also 100 years of Women Police Officers and the Ladybird Books.

Lucy Worsley was the first speaker of the day, she was very entertaining, talking on the history of our organization and the BBC2 documentary she has made about us, to be shown in June, called "Cake bakers and Trouble-makers".

The Resolution was the next order of business. The resolution was proposed and seconded. The amendment was then proposed and seconded. This was then discussed and put to a vote. The amendment was passed. A representative from the MS Society then spoke for the resolution and a WI member spoke against. The debate was then opened to the floor. A motion to move to the next business was proposed and seconded, this was discussed on the floor, and a vote taken. The motion was passed and the meeting then broke for lunch.

After lunch we were treated to a 3 song performance by the winners of the "Singing for Joy" competition.

We were then taken by video link to North Devon.

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE was our first speaker of the afternoon. She spoke on her career both on the athletics track and in the House of Lords. A truly inspiring speaker.

A link was then made to Cheshire to some WIs watching through the web link.

Helena Morrissey CBE was our last speaker of the afternoon. She is the founder of the 30% club which encourages more women on the Board of FTSE-100 companies, and also a mother of nine.

Janice made her closing remarks recapping on the day and looking forward to the remaining events to celebrate the centenary.

The Kingston Project Fashion Show then followed, this was a co-operative project between design students and WI members.

Jerusalem, Land of My Fathers and the National Anthem was then sung.