What the Project has Achieved

What the Project has Achieved


I have found it very interesting reading and extracting the minutes.

We are going to circulate our old Minutes' history to our members.

It's been so interesting; we do not know what history is on our door step.

The project has given us a tantalising insight into the lives of women both past and present – tantalising because record books and minute books are necessarily brief and to the point. 

We've had such a wonderful time reading through our archives.

I have shared some fabulous stories with what seems like the whole village; it's been great.

- Comments from WI members.

The Project's Achievements Include

  • 58 WIs,  both active and closed, have their archives, including minute books, scrap books and photographs, in the Wisbech Museum for safe storage.
  • 31 WIs archives have been researched.
  • 12 WI members visited the Norfolk Record Office.
  • 14 WI members visited Ely and Chatteris Museums.
  • 10 WI members went on a heritage walk around Little Downham.
  • 14 WI members trained in oral history interviewing.
  • 10 WI members trained in taking photographs for heritage projects.
  • 12 WI members trained in putting together a PowerPoint presentation.
  • 7 Non-WI members have taken part in the project too.

Altogether, they have contributed over 1 800 volunteer hours to the project.


This heritage project has linked present members of the Isle of Ely Federation of WIs with the experiences and lifestyles of past members and highlighted the changes for women that have taken place since the WI was founded in 1915. It has also influenced the lives of those taking part, enabling them to learn new skills, discover new talents and interests and make new friends. Above all, the project has captured the changing fortunes of women's lives in this part of the Fens over the past 100 years and highlighted their courage, resourcefulness and resilience.  The archives of the Isle of Ely Federation of WIs are a lasting legacy for future generations who seek out and value their heritage.